June 2019 Newsletter

My Dear Friends

Greetings from The Home of the Holy Angels!  I’m pleased to let you know that our children are doing well!  They are actively at work in school and are nearing completion of their current school term.

As you may have heard from my past messages, most of the children we care for have lost one or both of their parents.  Our teachers and staff feel a special responsibility to help these children and provide a strong sense of family given all they have lost.

Some of the children are fortunate to have some extended family who still connect with them.  This may be a grandparent, an aunt or an uncle. We work hard to maintain this contact with family.  We have three breaks per year in between terms where the children are able to return to their extended family for several weeks.  Unfortunately, a number of children have lost both parents and have no extended family to care for them.  In the past, my mother would care for these children during their breaks. Now that she has passed, we try to find families that will be able to help.  If that’s not possible, we continue to care for these children during breaks at The Home of the Holy Angels.  That’s one of the reasons I am very excited about the addition of our Convent. The Sisters who will be joining us will be like family to all the children, especially those who have no one left to care for them.

I wanted to let you know how things are going with our Convent construction.  As I write this in early June, the exterior of the building is almost completed.  We still need to add the windows, and are working on the interior as well.  We hope to have the entire building completed before the end of summer.  That is great timing for our schedule since we expect the Sisters to join us in early 2019. Here are some pictures which show the progress we’ve made!

I hope you enjoy seeing the progress as much as I do!  The staff and I very excited about having the Sisters join us in early 2019.

Also, I’ll be traveling to the United States in mid-July for a visit of approximately two months. While I am there, I will be discussing with my Advisory Board the operational and budgetary needs for our Home. One important area of focus will be our sponsorship programs.  As you know from past correspondence, we have the following Sponsorship Programs in place to support our operations:

These programs provide a significant portion of our annual operating budget, and I am indebted to all who participate these programs and contribute to our mission.  Presently, we have about 15 children who are not sponsored, and we are looking for individuals, couples or groups who would be willing to provide sponsorship.  If you already a sponsor, thank you!  We appreciate all you do and pray that you will continue as a sponsor for years to come. If you do not presently participate in one of our sponsor programs, would you consider doing so?  Please let me know if you can help.  Even though I am presently in Uganda, you can connect with me by way of email at helpkibaleuganda@gmail.com.  Although I don’t have consistent access to the internet at our Home, I do travel to nearby towns when necessary to be sure I have a connection.  If you send me an email, I promise to get back to you as soon as possible.  I will also ask a member of my Advisory Board to connect with you.

As I look out over our campus, I see a continual reminder of what your faithfulness and support have enabled us to do for our children.  As I close this newsletter, I’d like to include the words from a page in the book I wrote a few years ago, entitled “The Children of Uganda: Lessons of Life and Hope.”  You can find an electronic version of the book at this link:

These words are just as true as when they were first written:

Little acts of LOVE can change lives:  I have talked with a number of different congregations and communities in the United States and shared my vision of hope.  Many people have come up to me and have said “I want to help, but I don’t have much to give.  Please take this small donation.”  From the small donations, miracles have happened.  A Home was built. Children have classrooms. A kitchen and staff house have been constructed. We have a stable food supply through gardens of crops, along with chickens, pigs and goats.  Yes, lives have been changes through these many ‘acts of love.’

Thank you for making this miracle happen.  May God bless you and your families immensely!

Fr. Charles Nabwana

Fr. Charles Nabwana