Thank you for helping us build a playground for the children!

Can you imagine your childhood without memories of playing outside on the playground. Remember pumping your legs as hard as you could on the swings in an effort to “fly” just a little higher?!

Children on the new playground

The pure laughter of a child as they slip down the slide just so they can conquer the climbing wall again.

No child should miss these opportunities! Thanks to your generous help, they no longer have to! Now, the orphaned children attending school and living at the home have a safe playground to help them develop their fine motor skills, social cognitive problem solving and a range of other skills.

Children on the new playground

Play alleviates stress, improves concentration and educational performance, and helps children living through difficulties.

With your your financial support we partnered with a another wonderful charity (East African Playgrounds) based in England and Uganda who have built over 70 playgrounds in Africa. They furnished the design, fabrication and site construction for completion at a fraction of the costs to purchase high quality playground equipment.

Children on the new playground

The children are so excited and thankful for everything you have done!

May God Bless you always for continuing your support for the children at the Home of the Holy Angels!

– Fr. Charles