Hello, my name is Joseph

It doesn’t seem like it has been twelve years already…

It was 2008 and I was five years old. I was all alone and living in the streets. You see, my parents had died and there was no one else to take care of me. I’m like a lot of other children in Uganda… the AIDS epidemic destroyed many of our families.

That day, I was on the side of a road, alone, hungry, and scared when a man came up and talked with me. His name was Fr. Charles. He took me to a local church which gave me a place to sleep and food to help with my hunger. But, that church wasn’t equipped to take care of me until I could grow up and care for myself. One day, Fr. Charles came back and took me to my new home, the Home of the Holy Angels! Here, I have a new family of children like myself, teachers, and others who care for me everyday. At the Home of the Holy Angels, my friends and I have a safe and loving place for everything we need like food, housing, clothing, and an education. I feel like I am in heaven! I like playing games with the other children. I sleep well and eat well, and there are many wonderful people who care about me. I can read, write, and do math. I am currently in high school.

I hope to become a teacher and thanks to Fr. Charles and everyone who has helped him create this wonderful home, I have hope for the future. I thank God that Fr. Charles found me that day!

Would you like to help Fr. Charles care for other children like me?