Good News from the Classroom!


Students have just completed another academic year, with all students advancing to their next grade level. All students did very well on their exams and continue to work hard on their studies.

Thanks to your support we finished in the top 2% of ALL schools, and the top 9% of the BEST schools!

Also, the extraordinary success of our Primary 7 (P7) graduates must be shared. In Uganda, all P7 students must take a national test in order to move on to secondary school.We have had two classes take this test and both classes have excelled, with several students finishing near the very top of all students tested!

We are thrilled to share, that once again our graduates finished FIRST in testing across the entire district of Kibale, which includes approximately 400 schools.

In addition Home of the Holy Angels ranked 197 out of the 2,220 best schools in the country.  Considering that there are approximately 13,000 schools in Uganda, we finished in the top 2% of ALL schools, and the top 9% of the BEST schools.

On January 20, 2019 we celebrated a thanksgiving Mass for our new graduates from Primary Level 7 (P7).  It was a wonderful celebration with many members of the community joining us to honor our students outstanding academic achievements. Our guest of honor was a member of our Ugandan Parliament, the Honorable Noeline Basemera Akiiki, who helped to distribute the graduation gifts to our children and joined in congratulating our students.

Other dignitaries were also in attendance, helping to celebrate the accomplishments of our children. We offer our sincerest gratitude to all of you, for it is your support that makes all of this possible for our children.

We are very excited about this new opportunity for our students to continue their education on our campus. We have broken ground for the building that will house our new secondary school classroom. If construction stays on course, we will be ready to welcome our 2019 P7 graduates.

Please pray for the weather to cooperate with us this year, so that we can complete the first building by that time.

March 2019