We are very excited to have begun construction on the Convent!

This has been a dream of ours for the children for many years, and we appreciate the support that so many of you have provided.  We will soon be talking with the Mothers Superior for several orders of African nuns about having several Sisters join our mission once the Convent is completed.  The Sisters will be a tremendous addition to our ministry and will help to restore even more the sense of family for these children who have lost so much.  As construction progresses and decisions are made on which order of nuns will join us, we will continue to update you and include lots of pictures!

The picture above shows the front of the convent prior to the installation of the roof trusses. Local builders and materials are utilized to construct the building at the Home of the Holy Angels. The picture to the right shows the roof trusses starting to be installed. Very soon, the structure will be ‘dried in’ and interior work will be able to get started. All of the photos showing the progress of the construction of the convent are sent to us directly from Fr. Charles. Here is another angle showing the progress that is being made installing the roof structure. This is a very exciting time for the Home of the Holy Angels and none of it would have been possible without your prayers and financial support. Would you like to help Fr. Charles in his mission to help the orphans in Kibale? Please if so, please consider ways that you can help by visiting our Donor page.

May God continue to bless you always!