Convent Construction is Nearly Complete!

Convent Construction is Nearly Complete! As you can see from this photo, we are very close to completion of our Convent! Thank you for your generous support of this project. We are very excited about its near completion. With some good weather ahead, we should be finished in the next few months.

We look forward to welcoming our Sisters for the 2020 School Year!

We continue to finalize the arrangements for bringing sisters to to the Home of the Holy Angels. It is important that the Sisters who join us have skills in teaching and counseling. As I talk with the heads of the congregations, we are working towards this end. I have met with the Superior Generals of the Sisters of St. Teresa and the Sisters of Good Samaritan. Because of weather related constriction delays of our convent, we look forward to welcome the sisters in time to start the 2020 school year! Please pray that God brings us several sisters well suited to our ministry.

March 2019