Convent June 2020 Update

As you can see from the accompanying picture, the external structure of the Convent is done. The internal furnishings of the Convent still need to be purchased, and a small chapel needs to be added for the Sisters’ devotions.

Adding a Convent to our ministry has been a dream of ours, and we appreciate the support that so many of you have provided!

We have been in the process of talking with the Mother Superior for an order of African nuns about having several Sisters join our efforts once the Convent is fully completed. However, the global health challenge has interrupted our ability to bring this fully to completion with the Mother Superior. As things return to a more stable order, we will continue to work on this important addition to our ministry. The Sisters will be a tremendous addition to our ministry and will help to restore even more the sense of family for these children who have lost so much. We pray for the Sisters who will one day join us!

June 06, 2020