With your help we have started building the Convent!

We are very excited that we have begun construction on the Convent! This has been a dream of ours for the children for many years, and we appreciate the support that so many of you have provided.  We will soon be talking with the Mothers Superior for several orders of African nuns about having several Sisters join our mission once the Convent is completed.  The Sisters will be a tremendous addition to our ministry and will help to restore even more the sense of family for these children who have lost so much.  As construction progresses and decisions are made on which order of nuns will join us, we will update you regularly and will be sure to include lots of pictures!

Here are some pictures of our plans for the Convent.  After construction begins, we will update these pictures regularly so that you can see the progress being made!  Please consider a gift to support our operational needs related to the Convent.


The religious sisters will be from both Uganda and other sources abroad to provide a diverse mix of skills that may include primary education, health care education, nutritional education, mentoring, nurturing, spiritual advisement, community development and administrative support.